Something for the guys

It seems i'm allways being asked the question What do i think about guys wearing tights ? Well now you can tell the lovely people at Tightsplease by filling out the survey below.

Does Your Man Wear Tights?!

Does your man wear tights? It’s come to our attention that more and more men are choosing to wear our tights!
They’re being worn for whole host of purposes, from meeting a basic need like our boys in Afghanistan – wearing tights to protect their legs from desert flies, or wearingtights to make a bold statement, like our cross dressing shoppers, who get a lot of enjoyment from wearing stylish,
women’s tights!
Traditionally, men wearing tights has always been a taboo subject. The only time men intights is acceptable, is at the pantomime or on our favourite superhero! With the sheer volume of male shoppers that we’ve seen visit the site, it’s unlikely that they’re all shopping for either of these purposes.
So what are your men buying tights for? We’d like to find out more! For 5% discount off your next purchase with Tightsplease, fill in our Men In Tights survey now! We’d love to hear your views!!
Lauren x