DIY ripped tights by the thefashionkiwi

I've seen a lot of hype on the blogsphere about ripped tights. But it's all about buying a pair! Don't do it!

I made a really easy DIY pair a few months ago, and while the whole project ran me under $3, they are still holding up after a few wears. So instead of shelling out $11 bucks for a pair from Forever21 or Topshop, grab some scissors.

Here's how:

Don't cut a straight line in your tights. Instead pinch a bit of fabric where you want your rip to be, and just cut a tiny snip on that pinch. When you let go, there will be a much bigger rip than you expected.

Good luck....and don't worry about messing up. The drugstore carries black tights for about $2.50 each.

Oringina xo

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