Strawberry Koi Modcloth challenge

I so love this outfit from Strawberry Koi.
The heart tights are from Americal Apparel and make a refreshing change to the usual black.
Strawberry Koi is currently participating in a Modcloth challenge.
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Space invader tights

Are into fashion ? I play the odd computer game but would you wear space invader tights.


James Lillis has designed tights which are inspired by the popular vintage video game Space Invaders. I am not sure what it is like to wear something so geeky, but no doubt there are people who would actually pay the price of $80, for something so geeky as this. I am not sure if any of the fashion-conscious would like to wear it, but it sure may have a gamer market of its own.

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Diy Embellished tights

Ever since I saw embellished tights explode on the runways of Fall 2009, I've been wanting a pair to call my own, but life being busy, I was only able to get to it relatively recently! I'm sure that you've noticed in some of my recent Style Diary posts that I've been sporting a pair. It's relatively easy but it's a bit tedious and labour intensive!

Your sparkly legs are sure to be noticed! It's time to start sewing if you'd like a pair to wear for NYE ;)

Find a pair of lace tights that have distinctive patterns that you can embellish around.

Collect some crystals/beads that you think work together and would contrast nicely against your tights. If you're gonna go to the effort, don't be too subtle. Clear crystals show well against black. If you're stitching lighter colored tights, try a contrast like bronze or gold. Larger sequins will mean less sewing :) Refer to my previous post for some runway inspiration.

Cut an oval out of cardboard/bristol board, perhaps the width of a thigh or slightly smaller. Make sure to cut smoothly so jagged edges of the paper don't get caught on your tights.

Place the cardboard inside the tight leaving enough room at the bottom for your foot and your ankle. You don't want any beads to be around where you wear your shoes or on your feet for comfort's sake unless you're trying to go for a Zac Posen type of look. You can compare to the length of an ankle sock for reference.

Secure thread and start sewing on some beads. I like to tie off the thread but not cut it and continue sewing for added security. Here is a youtube of tying off for your reference if you're not sure what I'm talking about.

Create clusters/swirls around some of the curved patterns in the lace. I concentrated my beading on the outer sides and fronts of the tights. Repeat as much as you would like to get the desired effect.

Ta Da! Time to take your sparkly legs to a party!

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Continue the theme

, originally uploaded by Cheyenne Sophia.

Continuing the theme of pictures that make me smile on flikr heres todays post ,I don't think i have seen tights like these before striped sheer and pink all in one lovely. Following on a few more pictures that caught my eye and as i'm feeling arty today. A poem i found. 

Before I put
the entire contents of my life
into a bin bag
I decide it is worth
five minutes
to look through.

The tights
you bought me
took up more room
than anything

I only have two legs

the pair you bought
when we visited Paris
the lime green underwear
from an English seaside town
you insisted I wore

the pair for our first anniversary
before the novelty
had worn off

the pair
which were ripped
just before
I asked you to leave.

I took one pair
out of the bin bag
the thick ones
I bought myself
with no pattern
no rips
no memories
just warmth.

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Polka Dots, originally uploaded by Nishka.

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Top 5 spot tights

Polka dots are well and truly back this season and you don’t have to be clothed head to toe in spots to work this trend. Spot print tights are the perfect accessory for injecting a little 50’s glamour in to any outfit this Autumn and Winter.
Found on celebrities such as “Do It Like A Dude” singer Jessie J, The Saturdays, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, these fashion savvy girls, know that patterned spot print tights are THE fashion staple of any outfit.
Here are our top 5 spot print tights…

New Look: Dotty Tights

Dotty Tights- New Look
For the ladies who love the High Street, New Look: Dotty Tights are a great pair of sheer black tights with a spotted pattern for just £3.99 and £4.99 for the fabulous body shaping range, designed to flatter any lumps and bumps a girl might have. Perfect for a party look, these spot print tights come in sizes s/m and m/l and are available online and in stores nationwide. Teamed with this season’s Peter Pan collars shirts and a midi skirt, these reasonable priced tights are perfect for daytime casual to work wear and for evening glamour.

House of Fraser: Wolford: Bonny Dot Tights

Bonny Dot Tights-Wolford- House of Fraser
Indulgent fashionista’s need to look no further than the gorgeous House of Fraser: Wolford: Bonny Dot Tights. These luxury spot print tights are of an immaculate design and high quality and of course are priced at a more expensive £33.00. Sizes, similar to New Look, range from XS-L and are made from exquisite polyamidee/nylon and elastane with a shiny finishing look. If you want to deviate from the usual opaque tights, good news! These spot print tights come in four different colours which include nude, black, caviar and ivy so there’s a colour to suit even the fussiest shopper. Quite expensive to wear for a day look, but perfect for adding to an evening outfit for after work drinks or a hot date!

Miss Selfridge: Black Dotty Panel Tights

Dotty Panel Tights- Black- Miss Selfridgre

For a twist on the classic spotted style, Miss Selfridge: Black Dotty Panel Tights offers a pair of opaque tights with a panel of a spot print pattern rather than the whole leg itself. These one size tights are £8.50 and again are able to be purchased in store and online. Made from nylon and elastane; these tights are machine washable and therefore able to wear again and again. The site itself offers free delivery on orders over £60- the perfect excuse for a new going out dress or pair of shoes to accompany your new party tights.

Select Fashion: Sheer Large Spot Print Tights

Sheer Tights- Large  Spot Print- Select Fashion
If small and dainty isn’t really your thing and you want your tights a bit more daring, why not try theLarge Spot Print Sheer Tights from Select Fashion. Designed to be the stand out point of an outfit, why not keep the outfit simple with a classic black dress or skirt with a chiffon blouse and let your legs do all the talking. Made of nylon and elastane, these spotted tights are priced at a very reasonable £5.00 and are available to buy in store and online.

Topshop Black Multi Spot Print Tights

Black Multi Spot Print Tights - Topshop
Not everyone likes things to be neat and regular, sometimes it’s fun to have something a little off-cater and quirky. Topshop have provided you with an easy example of how to move away from equal, uniformed spacing with these Multi Spot Print Tights. The many different sizes and random placement of the spot print makes it appear fun and youthful which would look great on a party outfit when you want to spice up a classic LBD or make office attire a little less mundane. No longer will a skirt suit look like boring meeting clothes. Go dotty this season with some Spot Print Tights!

Daily Inspiration 15/10/2011

Checkered shirt - Yessica (C & A)
Black dress - H & M
Black sneakers - Nylon Red


Fashion & Lifestyle Expert Dawn Del Russo shows you how to wear black opaque tights.

Fashion & Lifestyle Expert Dawn Del Russo shows you how to wear black opaque tights. 

Dawn Del Russo is an On-Air fashion expert seen on National TV Better TV, Fox 5 NY, InStyle Magazine, Life and Style Magazine, US Weekly for her fashion and lifestyle tips and advice. She is the author of "101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle" and owner of Shop Fashion Expert Blog

Trends and Truth-Tights


Featured blogger- Thisisladygray

1. How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear ?
I get my inspiration from all over the place... Art, Music and Literature are certainly a great influence for how I like to dress. Sometimes I hear a song or see a picture and suddenly I see a whole new outfit. But of course I'm also surfing the internet for new ideas, there are some great fashion blogs out there (like this one).

2. How would you describe your style ?
That is a really difficult question. I try not to limit myself: one day I feel like wearing skinny jeans and Converse Sneakers, but on the other day I might want to dress really feminine, with lots of silk and pastel colours. What is constant is my love for floral patterns and cool leather jackets, they are such a great team! 

3. What is in your hosiery drawer or closet ?  
I actually can't list them all, I'm in desperate need of a drawer dedicated to hosiery only. But I love patterned ones: hearts, dots and florals. However, I also own opaque tights in almost every colour (not brown though). 

4. Where do you shop for hosiery ?
I mostly buy really cheap hosiery, some of them are really delicate and if they get torn it doesn't really matter (if I like a pair A LOT, I always buy them twice).
I often go to H&M; but I also go to department stores (e.g. Migros, but this exists only in Switzerland I think). When I'm abroad, I love to go to Topshop (but then I lovelovelove Topshop for anything), Miss Selfridges or Accessorize.

5. How does wearing tights make you feel emotionally ?
I just think my legs look soooo much better when I wear tights, thus they make me feel more self-confident!

6. When do you wear hosiery,daily-once a week etc ?
In winter I wear black tights every day. I'm usually quite cold and tights keep me warm. But they are not only practical, because when it gets warmer, I wear tights to make my outfit more special and unique. So I wear tights very frequently... 

7. What are your style tips for wearing tights ?
The great thing about tights is the fact that there are NO rules on how to wear them. If you pair your dotty tights with a leopard-skirt and keep the rest simple, it will look great. But it is usually best to keep an outfit as simple as possible, if you wear a patterned shirt combined with a floral skirt, black tights are the best choice. Tights are probably the best fashion accessory because they are cheap, stylish and practical. 

Thanks to Christina for answering the FML questions,dont forget to visit her blog
and lookbook here