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Continuing the theme of pictures that make me smile on flikr heres todays post ,I don't think i have seen tights like these before striped sheer and pink all in one lovely. Following on a few more pictures that caught my eye and as i'm feeling arty today. A poem i found. 

Before I put
the entire contents of my life
into a bin bag
I decide it is worth
five minutes
to look through.

The tights
you bought me
took up more room
than anything

I only have two legs

the pair you bought
when we visited Paris
the lime green underwear
from an English seaside town
you insisted I wore

the pair for our first anniversary
before the novelty
had worn off

the pair
which were ripped
just before
I asked you to leave.

I took one pair
out of the bin bag
the thick ones
I bought myself
with no pattern
no rips
no memories
just warmth.

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