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What made you start blogging or posting on the web ?
I just wanted to try if I can be good at it. I was so fascinated in that when my friend sent me a request i couldn't hesitate long

How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear ?
I follow a lot of fashion blogs and websites. I look what happens on the streets. But lookbook is first place where I can find inspration. 

How has fashion affected your life ?
Maybe it will sound strange but sometimes I think that it is so time consuming. I can spend hours to make my perfect look. 

Who has had the biggest fashon influence on your outfits ?
I don't have any particular role model. But from fashion bloggers I can pick Tricia from 

Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter or fashion follower ?
It's a dream of every girl to become a trendsetter but I'm pretty sure I can't call myself that way. 

How would you describe your style ? 
I never wear trousers :). I love wearing skirts, shorts or dresses and a specially I love tights. 


How do you choose your hosiery ?  
It's just a simple choice when I see something which looks interesting I take it. Unfortunately hosiery market is not varied in Poland so I have to search for tights on the Internet or abroad. 

Where do you shop for hoseiry (online or highstreet shop) ? 
Nice tights I found on (my last two purchases) I love also tights from Top Shop or their cheaper version in Primark or New Look.

What was the last item of hosiery you brought, how much you spent etc ?
Tights from they cost 9.99$. (My last look on blog)


Do you ever wear 10 denier tights or sheer hose if so how long do they last you ?
Yes I wear 10 denier tights. The lasting depends on the quality. Sometimes I can wear them 10 times and they still looks perfect and sometimes I wear them only ones and they are torn.

How does wearing tights make you feel emotionally ? 
I just feel that my legs look better. Slimmer and longer. That's makes me feel comfortable and more attractive.
Do you physically like the feel of tights and touch ?  
 As i wrote before I never wear pants and one of the reasons for that is that they are less comfortable than tights. 

When do you wear hosiery,daily-once a week etc ?
I wear them daily. 
What are your style tips for wearing tights ?
Classic black are good for every occasion.  

What is your prediction for upcoming hosiery trends ?
Bows and hearts are in hot demand now and I don't think it's going to change. 

How do you put on tights?
You don't want to see me doing that ;p
The strangest place you have worn or put on  tights ?
In the middle of the party on the coach. 

Do you keep a spare pair of tights in your bag ?
No, it;s a good idea though. I always have to run to the shop. (Isn't it funny how everyone says that but never does Lisa x)

The best and worst things about hosiery, Love-hate ?
Love: How your legs look
Hate: That they tear so often! 

Do you recycle your tights if not how many pairs of tights do you throw away each month ? What was the last pair you put in the bin ?

It was winter now so I wore only 100 den tights and have to throw away one pair each month. Spring is coming that will change everything 

Could you go without tights, how would you feel if tights didn't exist ? 

I can go without tights at summer when it's too hot. If they didn't exist I will feel empty.