Diy Embellished tights

Ever since I saw embellished tights explode on the runways of Fall 2009, I've been wanting a pair to call my own, but life being busy, I was only able to get to it relatively recently! I'm sure that you've noticed in some of my recent Style Diary posts that I've been sporting a pair. It's relatively easy but it's a bit tedious and labour intensive!

Your sparkly legs are sure to be noticed! It's time to start sewing if you'd like a pair to wear for NYE ;)

Find a pair of lace tights that have distinctive patterns that you can embellish around.

Collect some crystals/beads that you think work together and would contrast nicely against your tights. If you're gonna go to the effort, don't be too subtle. Clear crystals show well against black. If you're stitching lighter colored tights, try a contrast like bronze or gold. Larger sequins will mean less sewing :) Refer to my previous post for some runway inspiration.

Cut an oval out of cardboard/bristol board, perhaps the width of a thigh or slightly smaller. Make sure to cut smoothly so jagged edges of the paper don't get caught on your tights.

Place the cardboard inside the tight leaving enough room at the bottom for your foot and your ankle. You don't want any beads to be around where you wear your shoes or on your feet for comfort's sake unless you're trying to go for a Zac Posen type of look. You can compare to the length of an ankle sock for reference.

Secure thread and start sewing on some beads. I like to tie off the thread but not cut it and continue sewing for added security. Here is a youtube of tying off for your reference if you're not sure what I'm talking about.

Create clusters/swirls around some of the curved patterns in the lace. I concentrated my beading on the outer sides and fronts of the tights. Repeat as much as you would like to get the desired effect.

Ta Da! Time to take your sparkly legs to a party!

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