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I wanted to draw the blue out of the dress, so I opted for a navy woven belt and my blue Old Navy cropped cardigan. Then I added brown footless tights that I pulled over each foot so only a little flesh showed; and my new brown shoes from GoJane.Com. I wanted to change up how I wore this blue cardigan, so I wore it underneath the dress instead of over it. The cardigan is opened so I put a brown tank top underneath and was ready to go. I love how such a small change makes such a big difference in an outfit.

f21 floral dress gray dress $20
tights brown tights $5
buy at oldnavy.com
f21 blue belt $3
go jane.com brown shoes $23

This dress came with a gray tie ribbon, but I swamped it out for my new navy vintage wing belt, threw on my navy cardigan, added mustard tights to match the yellow in the belt; and decided on my brown cuff heel shoes to finish the look

forever21 blue sweater $15
forever 21 gray dress $19
h&m; yellow tights $7
vintage from ebay blue belt $6
gojane.com brown shoes $23


I found these great tights at TJ Maxx. They are Betsey Johnson and I just thought they were the coolest thing since slice bread. I love to add fun tights like this to a basic outfit; I feel it gives it a little bit of oomph, but not too over the top.

tj maxx black sweater $8
forever 21 love 21 collection gray skirt $19
betsey johnson via tj maxx black tights $6
ebay gray accessories $4
aj wright black shoes $14

The dress is a shirt dress, but a little too short for work, so I decided to layer my black swing skirt on top of it and transform this outfit completely. I added, of course, colored tights- this time in orange-y/red, and a elastic black waist belt. I love the double duty of a dress as a top; and I feel much less self-conscious by having the skirt over the dress. Whoever originated this idea was a genius. Genius!!!

forever 21 green dress $6
forever 21 black skirt $9
forever 21 red tights $5
jessica simpson black shoes $14


navy cardigan from forever 21 blue sweater $15
teal tank- target green t-shirt $8
blue multi color skirt- target blue skirt $17
tights purple tights $5
navy cross heels blue shoes $22

Thanks to Amy Palmacci for letting me use her pics and comments . Check out her blog here thebargainhunterextraordinaire.blogspot.com

Oringina xo

Get Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen tights look.

Get Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen  tights look.
The actress is often snapped shooting scenes for the popular drama in her trademark statement tights. Why not layer up the look with a pair of plain coloured tights underneath for a  warmer feel.








Starmoss. Doo.ri tights DIY

What you’ll need: Patterend lace tights (or leggings), very thin needle, thread, scissors, and a set of beads varying from sizes to colours to shapes.
I chose two neutral colours (white and cream/gold), one complimentary (blue), one pot of sequin for the sparkle and a satin pearl pot for texture.
Wearing the tights will be the easiest way to apply the beads.
Find a patch on the lace where the texture is heavier (on the pattern – the weave is stronger there and should hold the beads better), and slide needle through where you want to start. (Please excuse my chipped nails)
Pull the thread out to the necessary length needed for that section (usually 25-30cm) and make a firm double knot.
Thread beads in and sew into the tights. Usually 4-5 beads per time is good for more control with the shape.
Keep varying between beads and sequins and other decorations – once an area is done, finish with a double knot. Snap off thread to start on new section.
Repeat. When doing the other leg, see how they balance out overall on both legs.
Tights H&M; | Shoes ChloĆ©
I went for a more royalty-inspired embellishment than the exact copy of Doo.Ri. It turned out to be quite sparkly in real life, so I didn’t have to do as much!
Advice on choice of tights & caring:
  • For this kind of beading (vines and chunks) better pick densely-woven tights like mine.
    If you want to do it Doo.Ri style, pick bigger sequins, beads and crystals on sparsely woven tights like bigger laces.
  • If you do choose to do it on lace tights, then wear socks over the feet to prevent them from getting dirty.
  • Handwash for cleaning. Avoid beaded areas.
  • You could even try lace leggings if you don’t feel like such delicate care.
  • Be gentle while putting it on!
Good luck!
Source http://www.parkandcube.com

Featured blogger- areasontobefabulous

A Reason to be Fabulous

How do you get your inspiration for the outfits you wear ?

*I read blogs constantly! I take inspiration from bloggers out there who are doing new things with old clothes and interpreting mainstream trends in personal ways.  I scroll through a lot of street style sites and I keep a folder on my laptop of inspirational images.  I'm very heavily influenced by colorful combinations, so I often check sites like color collective and wear palettes as well.  And of course, everyday life is inspirational!  The changing leaves, the beach, painted buildings, billboards... these are all sources for creatively approaching my closet.

Who has had the biggest fashon influence on your outfits ?

*I have been reading blogs for about a year and a half, and though my favorites have changed with time, there are certain bloggers I constantly turn to for inspiration. I think the first blogger I found and followed was Tieka of Selective Potential.  That girl has a knack for taking simple outfits to the next level with little details, and I love that she coordinates her clothing with the seasons and with her adventures.  Keiko ofKeiko Lynn wears feminine clothing like no one's business, and she makes the most romantic dresses!  Blair of Atlantic-Pacific and Liz of Late Afternoon are both naturally chic and sophisticated, and Kendi ofKendi Everyday inspires me to remix the heck out of what I already own.  There are so many other bloggers who inspire me, it's hard to whittle this list down to just a few.

What made you start posting your pictures on chictopia,Lookbook etc ? 

*I followed blogs for about 6 months before posting my first photo on Weardrobe.  I was getting really inspired by what I was seeing other girls do, and I wanted an outlet to share my own inspirations with others.  People in real life aren't as forthcoming with compliments as bloggers are, and I wanted to join in on that sense of community.

What blogs and websites do you follow and why ? 

*Oh gosh, too many to list!!  There are three categories of sites/blogs I follow:  fanciful inspiration (street styles, color palettes, and lookbooks), similar stylistas (girls with styles that I can relate to and those who brave trends before I'm ready to), and mutual friends (other bloggers who comment on my blog and with whom I've built a rapport).  My top must-reads are Selective Potential, Kendi Everyday, Late Afternoon, Keiko Lynn, and The Clothes Horse. These are all girls that I am constantly drawing inspiration from with closets I would raid at the drop of a hat.

Would you describe yourself as a trendsetter or fashion follower ?

*No one wants to label herself a follower, and I'm not out there copying every look that gets high acclaim, but if taking inspiration and applying it to my own closet is "following" then I guess that's where I am.  I don't fall for every trend and usually I take my time trying out fads.  I don't necessarily adhere to the strict calendar of what's in and out in fashion.  I haven't come up with the next big thing yet so I'm not necessarily a trendsetter, but I try to stay true to who I am and am always looking for a way to reinterpret my own clothes in a fresh way.

How would you describe your style ? 

*Thoughtful, feminine, colorful, slightly edgy, a little trendy and always fabulous.   

Does the hosiery you wear dictate the clothes or outfit you wear ?

*In the winter, yes.  I live in the south where the temperatures are stifling for much of the year, so once the weather drops below 70 I positively LIVE in tights.  Most of my outfits begin with a color concept and tights are often where I start when putting colors together because I've got such a variety.  

What is in your hosiery drawer or closet ? It would be nice if you could take a photo and list the tights you own. 

*You do not want to see my hosiery drawer, it's a mess!  Once in a blue moon I organize it by color and thickness, rolling each pair up into a little ball so that the drawer is neatly compartmentalized... and within a week it's back to chaos! I have several different colors and patterns, but right now my cranberry tights (from WalMart), opaque gray tights (from Forever 21), and sheer black with polka dot tights (from H&M;) are in heavy rotation.  

How do you choose your hosiery ? 

*I ask myself, "do I already own this color/pattern or something like it?" and if not, I buy it.  

Where do you shop for hoseiry ?

*I won't spend a lot of money on a pair of tights because they're delicate and disposable.  I'd hate to spend more than $12 on something I'm going to snag and eventually toss. We Love Colors has the best selection that I've found, and their tights are durable and within my price range.  I also purchase tights from Forever 21 and Target but my last pair came from Wal-Mart, I finally found the cranberry shade I've been searching for!

Do you physically like the feel of tights and touch ?  Do your legs ache less, prefer than pants ? not thought about it ?

* I prefer tights to pants- they keep me warmer! 

When do you wear hosiery,daily-once a week etc ?

*During winter I wear tights nearly every single day, but since I live in a southern city I really only get use out of them for 3 or 4 months, tops. 

What are your style tips for wearing tights ?

*Tights are the easiest way to accessorize an outfit and really give it that extra oomph!  I play with colors a lot, so typically my tights will complement the other hues in my outfit.  For a long, lean leg line I love solid black tights with black booties or heels, and when I want something that really stands out I layer patterned tights or OTK socks over solid tights.  There is so much room to play and experiment when it comes to hosiery!

The best and worst things about hosiery, Love-hate ?

*Love: the versatility they add to an outfit.  Hate: that they're so delicate.


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