Tights Buying Tips

Tights buying tips

by katyrose Posted on http://sparkleshelf.com

It’s time to bust out your tights. Or if you’re like me, it’s time to buy several new pairs for this cold season. But it’s not as easy and running to the local drug store and stocking up. Here’s the 101 on buying and wearing tights this season.

Thickness! This is the most difficult part when shopping. It’s important that your tights still look like tights (and not nylons) when they are stretched over your legs. When comparing pairs stretch the material in all directions. If you can see your hand or the cardboard through the layers the material is too thin.

Design! When going with the design or fishnet trends make sure the pattern runs evenly up your leg. Adjusting to make the design sit right is not worth the effort. (I bought a pair of designed fishnets a couple years ago and the pattern twisted on the left leg! It was horrible.)

Size! We women are infamous for buying smaller sizes just to have the personal satisfaction to know we are strutting out stuff in a smaller-than-usual size. But when it comes to tights that is a huge no-no. Buying too small will often mean the dreaded muffin top makes an appearance. GASP! Check the sizing information on the back of the package. If you are between sizes go for the bigger one.

Toes! If you are planning on sporting the peep-toe trend this season the top area of your tights is all-important. Stay away from reinforced toes which tend to be a different color in the toe section. Also check the toe stitching to make sure it is not a different color and that it can easily be hidden from view.

Boots! For those you plan to wear taller boots and hate the constricting toes of tights, look for a footless pair. As long as the ends are hidden in your boots, no one will know the difference and you’ll be more comfortable. Keep the same criteria for the design, size and thickness.

Take out your scissors! The part I hate most about wearing tights is that band that runs along the top that seems to exist only to cut off your air supply. The solution to that is easier than you make think. Take your scissors and snip a slit on the left and right side of this strip. DO NOT cut all the way through the band, but you can cut right up to it. The slits will make breathing easier and wearing more comfortable.

Layering! With all the different designs out there now layering your tights for a different visual effect can be smart. Match solid black tights under a colored fishnet.

Wash them! It’s tempting to throw them back into your drawer or into the washer with the rest of your load, but neither is smart. To make them last and keep their shape it’s smartest to hand wash them after each wearing.