How to Wear Pattern Tights

When in doubt, wear pattern tights with a simple dress or skirt and let the tights be the focal point of the outfit. However, if you want to wear pattern tights with another pattern, follow the rules below.

1. One pattern should be bigger, or more dominant, than the other pattern.
2. One pattern should be geometric, such as stripes, dots, diamonds, triangles and so on, while the other pattern should be something that's moving - the two patterns should be opposites, but still complement one another.

Sheer black nylons are dated. The best option is to choose a sheer nylon with a little detail on it - stars up the back on the leg, (which is what is shown in this video), a pattern up the side, baby fishnets, (which look sheer from far away), or even sheer nylons with small dots would be a fabulous option.

Inspiration follows: "Summer" by Danielle P: "Thrifted Cashmere Cardigan, Thrifted Sweetheart Dress, Patterned Tights, Thrifted Hand-made Peruvian Shoulder Bag" "greetings, sun!" by Steffany T: "Bib Top from Hong Kong, Denim Vest from Anthropologie, Mossimo Patterned Tights from Target, Ass Kicking Shoes :d from Urban Outfitters" "Flyger över stan" by Chloë Akers: "Feragamo Leather and Fur Cowboy Boots, Patterned Tights from Target, Denim Shorts from I Made Them, Strong Shoulder Shirt"

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Patterned Tights or Leggings

  • For the most flattering look, it’s often best to choose patterns with small graphics such as tiny polka dots or little flowers. They’ll keep your gams looking slender.
  • Be wary of horizontal stripes – they tend to be a bit harder to pull off.
  • Patterned tights or leggings are interesting enough as is, so remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple.
  • Graphic tights or leggings look great tucked into boots. Try them with pumps, too, if you’re daring!
  • If you’re self conscious about your legs, try letting patterned tights peek out just between your boots and a skirt. The little sliver of skin will look super sexy without being over-the-top!