Sheer tights reprise

I should really have seen it coming but I didn’t – or at least, I didn’t heed the warning. I was so busy investing in 70 denier opaques in every colour under the sun, that I didn’t really notice black 15 denier tights making a break for the limelight. I know we saw a lot of sheer patterned tights last autumn winter that were decorated with hearts and polkadots but plain sheer black tights? They’ve been off the fashion radar for so long that I can’t even remember how I used to wear them. All I know is that I wore them in the very early 90’s before I discovered floral skirts and DM boots, but since discovering black opaques I’ve not looked back, not even for a moment.
I remember seeing a post on Style Bubble, one of my favourite blogs, where Susie bubble recommended wearing multicoloured sheer tights over opaque tights in a contrasting colour and thought I would give it a go. Tried. Tested. Approved. Admittedly the difference in the photos isn’t too stark but it looks much better in real life. The look is ever so slightly holographic as the friction between the two layers makes the sheer tights look darker in some areas than others. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. Wearing sheers this way gives your trusted opaques an added dimension and eases you into the 15 denier thing slowly if you’re finding it hard (like me) to break your opaque habit.