Lets start a colour revolution

Lets start a colour revolution

Now that the New Year has started and we have said goodbye to 2010 it is time to start focussing on our goals for the year ahead. This could be to drop a dress size or two or even give more to charity but why not set a goal which will brighten up your day to day life-Girls im talking replacing the boring old black tights for something bold, daring and dramatic. COLOURED TIGHTS!! 

I want 2011 to be the year where a colour revolution took place and now is the perfect time to start. A new year, a new beginning...we are going to inject some colour into our drap winter wardrobes. I can see many of you shrinking away at this thought thinking "How on earth am I going to pull this style off??" Well the answer is simple. 

When you are wearing something bold, a statment item, it is necessary that you tone down the rest of your outfit to avoid it being too busy. Try wearing some bright bold tights with a LBD and heels for the evening or a denim skirt in the day. The options are endless and the bright tights will boost your mood as well as anyone else's around you. 

If you do not want to wear bold tights on their own or want to turn them into something more glamorous try layering them with a lacey pair of black tights over the top. You could even try sewing beads and sequins onto the lacey tights for some added glamour. 

You must remember...have confidence in yourself and what you wear then you are 90% of the way to looking fabulous, the rest of it is up to the clothes. 

Lets start a colour revolution in 2011...ditch the black tights for something more daring and live on the wild side. Who's on board???