Stuck for some inspiration- Floral tights "oh diana" by Chopstick .: "Topshop Metallic Sandal from Harajuku, Top Shop Boutique, Japan, ? Rose Floral Tights, Chica Sequin Jacket"

Every now and again we get a trend that is a lot like marmite: you either love it or hate it. Well, this season it's all about the floral tights, which have been causing something of a stir in the fashion world.

Patterned tights always tend to go down well each season, but when it actually comes to wearing them, it can be a terrifying thought for those of us who aren't stick thin models.

Seeing as spring florals seem to be making an appearance earlier than expected this year, it has already filtered down into the high-street and more specifically to our tights and sock trends.

Tartan and lace were the big trends for AW08 and this was conveyed in everything from dresses, tops and coats to leg wear and hosiery. Despite tartan tights being on sale everywhere, we think they were something of an acquired taste, which never really took off.

Lace tights on the other hand became a massive success, largely because of the gothic and dark romance trends which dominated the catwalks last year.

Oddly enough, these floral tights are being tipped as a summer staple, despite tights not normally being associated with the spring/summer sweeps. That said, considering how cold our summers tend to be, maybe they ought to start making a permanent appearance.

Inspiration follows: "flowers and lace" by Ania B: "Forever 21 Floral Tights" "floral pearls" by Cranberry Fi: "Primark Floral Tights" "c'mon miracle" by Dani Roche: "Cardigan, Seafoam T-shirt, Hue Floral Tights, Boots That Are 2 Sizes Too Small" "Strawberry & vanilla." by Alixanne H: "T-bar Heels from ..?, Sunglasses from Vintage, Jacket from Primark, Necklace from Colorado" "Fleur de saison" by Carolina Martins: "Pink Cage Necklace from Etsy, Crown Earrings, Paris Kids Crown Ring, Paris Kids Flower Corsage"