How to store socks and tights by style symmetry

Living in a small home of 600 square feet with my husband has it challenges, such as getting my own space and having company stay over but mostly storing all our stuff!  When we moved in here 3 and a half years ago massive downsizing was required.  One thing that I haven’t downsized since living in warm Vancouver is my tights and kneesocks collection!  As it grew and grew I had to move my bathing suits and comfy pants out of the bottom drawer of my four drawer dresser and into the closet.
Here is an overall look at the bottom drawer.
I got the idea from American Apparel packing their tights into resealable plastic bags to put my other stockings into ziploc baggies.  When the bags are sealed (or on an angel so not open at the top) it not only keeps them organized by color, is space saving and time saving, it also prevents snagging on the wood of the dresser as of course this drawer is overloaded!  These 12 plastic bags hold 23 pairs of tights.  Three pairs of much thicker tights are on their own bottom middle and a pair I haven’t opened yet at the top.
On the right side kneesocks are also organized by color and stuffed to capacity or I’d be making another sockdreams order.
If you have any tips to add, please leave them in the comments!