Asos spotted tights.

Asos top
Asos skirt
Asos tights
Vintage shoes
Unearthen necklace

While browsing Chictopia i came across Samantha's outfit and it really stands out with these spotted tights. Whats more  there currently on sale at ASOS and available in purple ! You can see more of Samatha's outfits here at Chictopia:  Earthgirlsareez

Where did you get the tights and for how much ? $13 (on sale now for $5!) 

Are they comfy, would you by again ?
Yes! i actually bought two pairs because i liked them so much and i happen to get lots of runs in my tights since my dog always jumps on me.

How did you get your inspiration for this outfit ? 
I've been wanting to wear this skirt for awhile since it's so beautiful and has amazing details. the challenge was dressing it down so it would be work-appropriate. 

Was the outfit built around the tights or vice versa ? 
Actually the tights were the last addition! i chose a loose fitting cotton top to make it casual and then the tights to add some fun. 

Did people comment about your tights, what reaction did you get wearing them ?
 I didn't get many comments. just a lot of stares!

Would you consider them statement tights and is that why you brought them ?
I hadn't thought of how to categorize them. i have so many different tights in different colors with fun patterns so it's become part of my daily wardrobe. 

Favourite hosiery shops ?
My favorite brands for hosiery are emilio cavallini, pretty polly, betsey johnson, tabio, topshop, asos