Welcome to Fashion my legs the blog.

Hi all and welcome to the Fashion my legs blog
We are finally back up on line after much changing, reformatting and trying new ideas . I hope you like the new look.
I started this blog as a admin of the fashon my legs Flikr group (See link) and i wanted to do something a bit different.
Its kind of a bit of a resource for legwear and related topics and i hope you will find it usefull.
I love fashion, I love the colours and most of all the creativity.
This is probably the reason why i have such an interest in legwear. I really believe that an interesting pair of tights or brightly coloured socks can change and make or break an outfit. I very rarely wear pants or trousers, only if practicality is needed say cleaning the house or cutting the grass. I just prefer skirts or dresses. I like the floaty feel. I love my femininity and i like pink!

Feel free to comment and contact me if you wish.

Oringina xo