How To Wear Fishnet Tights

How To Wear Fishnet Tights

by Tegan McRae

I love fishnet tights. I think they’re versatile, and can be edgy, classy, or fun depending on the rest of the outfit. But to most, they carry that essence of ‘trashy’ as in movies and shows, every prostitute or stripper is wearing a pair. No longer, I say! Gorgeous fishnet leg wear should be celebrated for it’s unique look! But how to wear it?

Don’t Wear It To The Office. Especially a conservative one. No matter how well its being worn with an outfit, it just usually isn’t professional looking. If you really want to, make sure very little of it shows, unless your employer finds it appropriate.
Do Pick A Smaller Netting. The wider the holes, the less elegant and put-together the tights will look. Pick a close knit style, or even a different shape . Many chain stores like Forever21 carry different styles.
Don’t Make Them The Main Attraction. Whether the style you’re going for is rocker-chic, subtly sexy, casually flirty, or all-out sexpot, don’t make the fishnets the focus of your outfit. For instance, pairing fishnets with a plain, black dress is not going to give your outfit any style, since the main part is your fishnets which don’t have a set fashion statement. Adding booties, a studded belt, and big earrings will draw the entire outfit together though.
Do Realize That Footwear Makes The Outfit. In the case of fishnets, that is. Stay away from anything open toe (squished toes being strapped with strings? No thanks), and ‘busy shoes’ with lots of lace, strings, studs, or designs (combined with fishnets, it’ll look chaotic). Do embrace boots, flats, and heels depending on the look you want.
Still unsure? Take a look at these:
Closing the wide gap between the hemline of your skirt and where your shoes start is easily fixed with a just-by-the-knee skirt and calf high boots. Fishnets turn this otherwise average outfit into a perfect Saturday night ensemble.
Add a little punk look with studs to make your fishnets blend it. Stay current with fashion by keeping your accessories elegant and chic.
Classy with fishnets, yes! While a lot of them are exposed here, it’s impossible for them to seem ‘trashy’ with so many elegant pieces. Stay away from heavy patterns to avoid a too-busy outfit.

Is it ok to wear fishnet tights in an office ?

Following on from the article above which does offer some sound advice, i found these answers on a question site to the above question which make for some interesting reading. In my opinion there is no reason whats so ever why you wouldn't wear fishnets to the office, iv'e seen it done and do it myself on a regular basis. Food for thought. Feel free to comment

I would say no to wearing them in an office environment but if you're adventurous then it shouldn't be a problem. Fishnet and lovely shoes are a winning combination. A good guideline is to wear what they wear a few rungs up from you especially if youre on the promotion list but this obviously lacks any individuality. If you want to follow office trends then do so and if not that�s your choice too. No one should be judged by the clothes they wear but it happens all the time.

It really depends on how you wear them, as an accent to an otherwise fairly demure ensemble, or in a blatently sexy manner? Fishnets were worn all the time in the forties and do have a certain playfulness about them. So, it really depends on what you wear with them as to whether it would be acceptable or not, I think.

It has been shown in recent studies, however, that women who dress to accentuate their sex appeal are looked upon as less competant. Sad, but true, folks. 

How much do you care about what people think of you? That's the real question here. As you can see by all the posts, people definately have opinions about this, and pretty different views at that. You just have to ask yourself how much you care if someone has a negative opinion about your choice of hosery. There will be those who feel they are a definate 'no-no', you can't avoid that. You should now be able to judge if the social price is worth the freedom to express yourself. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't, that's for you to decide.

Yes it is perfectly acceptable.

it's called "flair"...paired with a knee length pencil shkirt and a modest pair of slip on is a very fashionable look
people who say "no" to fishnets are plain and boring...sorry not everyone like to wear control top pantyhose
so i say go for it...

I am currently at work in my office and am wearing a fabulous pair of burgundy fishnets. I'm not entirely sure that anybody has noticed yet, let alone cares. (I work in an office full of men who aren't exactly experts on sartorial matters!) I am wearing a knee length skirt though, which I think probably makes all the difference. With a mini skirt it might look tarty but knee length skirt and round toed shoes looks modern and individual. I think in business flaunting your femininity, individuality- and dare I say it- sex appeal, in a classy not too obvious way can actually do your favours- it certainly makes you stand out from the neck buttoned blouse, court-shoed majority (I think its kind of sad the amount of young girls I see dressing 20 years too old for them in a bid to appear "proffesional"). The first step to being noticed for promotion is surely standing out from the crowd, and whilst your brain power can carry you so far, why not give it a boost? I say if you've got the legs for it why not? Flash a bit of leg and a bit of personality, why wear a uniform your whole life?

I am right now!! If it's paired with an outfit not over the top then why wouldn't they be considered the same as any other kind of panty-hose - because they have holes. You also have to consider the different types of close knot vs. wide knit varities of fishnets. If you're asking the question you knoe you want to - so go ahead and do! None of us work with you, so why should our opinion sway your true instinct. You're a woman and you have legs - wear 'em!

This totally depends on your work place and your personal style. Just apply the rules that you would apply to the rest of your wardrobe. A pair of neutral colored fishnets paired with demure clothing and accesories can look quiet stylish rather than sexy. Just consider the overall look and you should be fine.

It would depend on the type of office. In a corporate setting, such as a bank or law office, it would probably be inappropriate and unprofessional to wear fishnet tights (unless you were wearing them underneath your slacks). However, in a less formal situation, such as an art or drama company, the dress codes could be a little more relaxed, and that type of attire, while it could be distracting, might be acceptable. To be on the safe side, I'd recommend saving the fishnet tights for social occasions such as bar-hopping or disco dancing.

It can be acceptable, but only under certain conditions: when paired with a knee-length skirt, and the fishnet tights ought to be in the same color family. If one were a bartender, then they might have more room to "push the envelope," so to speak- more vivid color might be acceptable. If one worked in a waitressing job where the uniforms were less, um, traditional, then yeah- fishnets would be cool. Of course, there is the ever-popular streetwalker profession. But hey, I don't wish to ffend any hookers out there. I mean, some people will only choose to settle for selling their bodies- and their souls, I daresay- for a few bucks. If they want to be like that, then that's their choice. The biggest deciding factor here is: what do you want people to think of you? If you are going to wear a certain item, you must- unfortunately- accept that people will think of you in a certain way as a result. Simple as that.

It is usually considered inappropriate in most offices. The reason is it may makes certain people uncomfortable. If people are uncomfortable, they can use it as an excuse to not do buisness with your company. In Pizza Hut, you can't even where a tongue ring. The only place I know fishnet tights would be allowed for work is hot topic.

All fishnets are not created equal. Fine gauge designer fishnet hosiery is a far cry from something you might pick up at a dollar store or flea market. And no, it's not about how much you spend - there is a vast difference in how it looks.

Moreover, has anyone noticed that in any many (if not most offices) it is now perfectly acceptable to go without pantyhose at all? How is being completely bare-legged less provocative than wearing something that provides (albeit minimal) coverage?

I remember reading John Malloy's book "Dress For Success" many years ago. A couple of things that stuck in my mind were: "Dress for the position you want, not the one you are in." and "The correct clothing never earned someone an undeserved promotion, but many times, incorrect clothing prevented a deserved promotion." I would keep those two quotes in mind when determining whether to wear fishnet stockings to work.

Where I work now, there is a dress-code in place, and I would be justified in sending an employee home to change if they wore fishnet stockings. Not saying that I would, but I could.

No it's unprofessional and you will be judged by your clothes rather than you capablities at work which yes, is a little unfair but is also understandable. If you want respect at work you should dress more professionally and it's not worth it to deal with any judgements or comments. It's just stockings wear them when you get off if you insist on it.