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We are seeing ripped tights everywhere! I was sporting this trend when I was 10 years old and I accidentally ripped my stocking while both trying to get on the school bus and carrying my artwork and books. A rip in my tights in grade school was like the world was coming to an end. I would run to my bathroom cabinet and find clear nail polish to coat the run and stop to from tearing even more.

And now look where we are, in the year of 2009 where people drive BMW'S like they are Fords and you can access the internet and call people all on a computer or a phone that is the size of your thumb, and people are deciding to rip there tights....on purpose! I would like to ask what has the fashion world come too, but then I find myself actually becoming a fan of this trend.

To an extent...

I think that ripping your tights can either look chic or just plain ol' cheap. I think that if your are going for that grungy look, do not attack your tights. One or too thin runs all the way down the tight should do the trick. I think that multiple rips and holes and tears tend to look sloppy. And that thing where people cut holes in their tights using scissors, so that their tights end up looking like swiss that's just stupid.


I am sorry to say that I am a hypocrite though. I have broken my own rule (well before I made up my own rule) and have worn tights that I shredded to bits to make then look like the ultimate grunge tights. Yeah, I'm totally a hypocrite. But now that I have made up this rule for myself, I will so never do that again.

As for laddered stockings, they're tres tres chic. Almost always. That's all I gotta say about that trend.

Trend #2: Laddered stockings and ripped tights
I'm a FAN

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