All u need are coloured tights - by styleandlavender

In my oppinion the best thing about FW 09 is that the whole palette of tights are "IN" again. so you can easyly make your outfit look good and in-style and it doesnt even cost you much money.

I myself have few pairs of colored tights and just cant go out without them. So cool, easy and perfect looking outfits can come with them.

I went shopping with my husband today, wich is soooooooooooo rare. I bought some lovely jeans in grey colour (slim-carrots) they are adorable, from Stradivarius label, the only one shope here in prague for now. And ive got pair of violette tight ofcorse too :))

Here is some inspiration. in few words, colored tights are just must to have!! :)

Oringina xo