How to wear open toe shoes with tights


Another interesting article which seems to be good fashion advice, if your going to wear open toe or peep shoes with tights stick to dark colours and opaques. Personally i think wearing nude tights is fine with open toe shoes, just make sure you go with a sandal toe. Easy !

Navigating fashion dos & don'ts can often be tricky, especially when logic and reason play a role in your decision. While most of us know not to wear shorts in the winter or fleece in the summer, other questionable “rules” are less obvious with regards to right and wrong. Take high-heeled sandals and open toed shoes for instance. Can we really wear them year-round? The answer is yes, and here’s how.

Consider purchasing dark neutral tights, such as black or chocolate brown, as these colors are typically the easiest to work with.

When donning your tights, make sure to pull the toe seam to the very tip of your toes, or try to tuck it under the top of your foot if it’s comfortable to walk on.

When choosing a shoe to pair with your tights, opt for solid colors like black, brown, dark red, dark green or gray. Bring interest into the mix with textures, shapes, styles and height, rather than through patterns and intricate strapping.

Pairing like colors will work best, especially if you’re a novice to this trend. For instance, a black dress, black tights and black peep toes will look sleek, sophisticated and sexy, as would black tights, black shoes and a dark patterned dress.

When it comes to picking styles of shoes, chunky versions work best. Other options include open-toed sling backs with a thick heel, Mary Jane's, platform high-heels, and thick-strapped sandals (all open toed).

The final step is picking a skirt, dress, or dark jeans (knee high tights work best with pants) to display your new pairing. Patterns can come into play here, as can shorter dresses (the dark tights work the same way as leggings) and mini's.

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