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Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Katy Perry is an all-American girl born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. Katy’s versatility as a singer and a songwriter has earned her fame across the world, as well as her unique fashion sense. The young starlet grew up listening to gospel music and after several labels finally achieved her success with Capitol Music Group in 2008 with her single, “I Kissed a Girl.” Eventually the record would become the 33rd best selling albums of 2008 across the world. Her most recent album, Teenage Dream was released on August 24, 210 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. No longer singing about religious topics, Katy Perry is well known for her controversial lyrics that address current issues and her unconventional taste for fashion.

Katy’s individual style reflects her personality: bold, unique, and playful. This pop rock princess will never be caught dead wearing the same thing twice. Every outfit seems to outdo the last in glamour and glitz, creating a memorable moment every time you see her. She often combines bold, vivid colors with a vintage touch creating an eclectic look that many women attempt to copy.
Katy’s love for humor often plays an important role in the clothing she wears. Although many consider her style outrageous, she certainly knows how to have fun and it shows through her wardrobe for her performances and red carpet appearances. Her love of bright colors placates to Katy’s interest in various decades like the roaring twenties, or the sixties. Her most popular accessory would be any fruit-related item, particularly watermelon, which is featured on many of her outfits.

Katy’s style isn’t for everyone and her outfits have been known to cause quite an uproar in the fashion world. Regardless of opinion, no one can question her flare for fashion and Katy’s unique style. Katy has been quoted saying that her transformation as a performing artist began first with fashion after she saw Dominique Swain’s portrayal in Lolita. The singer has been known to draw inspiration from popular films and other musicians.

She has defined her fashion sense as “a bit of a concoction of different things.” She knows how to take a risk and isn’t afraid of trying something new. Katy Perry’s personal stylist, Johnny Wujek described her style as “very colorful and vintage.” The young artist has received a considerable amount of attention from designers who appreciate her knack for setting trends and want her to wear their designs on the red carpet.

katy perry in pantyhose and tights

Katy Perry has often been seen wearing rompers, high-waisted shorts and dressing in a style reminiscent of the 40’s and 50’s. She has been known to shop at vintage stores to achieve that retro, pin-up girl look she has had made famous. Jet-black hair and red lips are essential to Katy Perry’s look, although occasionally she will spice things up with an electric blue wig. Katy is all about making a statement, whether that is with a pair of hot pants, or a moving carousel on her dress.
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katy perry in pantyhose and tights

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