Bare legs vs tights

Should a girl go bare-legged or encase her pins in nylon? This is one of fashion’s all-time, raging debates and is never more relevant than during a time of seasonal transition. Personally, I would love to go bare-legged but there are a number of obstacles stopping me.
1. An unsightly matrix of blue spider veins and blindingly white skin
2. Worrying about being cold if the sun goes in later or flashing passers-by in an unexpected gust of wind
3. Shoes pinching, rubbing or getting smelly when worn on bare feet.

Now, the first problem could be resolved with expertly applied self-tan, but I haven’t always got the time for that and a streaky, botched tanning job provides another reason to keep legs well and truly covered up. So if like me, you’re less than fond of your naked legs and don’t have the constitution of a tough Northern British lass then tights are probably the best option to carry you through to summer. Just steer well clear of ghastly, dated sheer tights (especially the shiny ones) and opt for opaque. Alternatively, wear stockings, which will allow the air to circulate round your middle.
But there are times when wearing black tights with a spring dress just looks wrong. Thankfully, the trend for brightly coloured tights as first seen in the 1960s and then again in the 80’s is back. Tights are now available in all shades of the rainbow from the likes of Pretty Polly, American Apparel and Jonathan Aston and provide the perfect way of injecting a summery splash of colour into your outfit without the aforementioned risks associated with bare legs. You could play it safe and team them with a black dress and shoes or mix it up with a contrasting or print dress like this look at Erin Featherstone. Another interesting trend which I’m undecided about, because it’s frankly bizarre, is two tones tights as seen at Chanel and copied by

But if you still crave the bare leg look but aren’t ready to bare all then there is a solution. Several manufacturers, including and Italian brand Oroblu, produce ultra sheer tights that camouflage imperfections and even out skin tone while giving the appearance of bare legs. No one will ever guess you’re wearing them but you.
However, when summer arrives and temperatures soar, then bare legs are the only way to go. The best way in my opinion of solving problem number one is to gradually layer up colour with a moisturiser that contains a hint of self tan or get an airbrushed look withSally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Wearing shorts or a tulip dress that is slightly elasticised around the bottom will avoid those Marilyn Monroe moments to which I am particularly prone. As far as the third problem is concerned there are two options. You could either prevent rubbing and chafing by carefully applying invisible gel strips and pads like those available from Scholl and banish unpleasant whiffs with a foot-refreshing spray or if you’re feeling exceptionally brave, follow Chloe Sevigny and wear socks and sandals.