RocksFrocksCocktails Hosiery and heels (Thigh high and Tight-tastic)

Tights, hold ups, stockings, pantyhose, stay ups, nylons, call them what you like, I love em and have been known to sausage myself into two pairs of 120 deniers in the freezing weather. These days you can get them in every colour, denier, pattern and with all sorts of embellishments. My favourites are fomr Be Baroque and you can get them fomr Laura Godsall ( queeen of tights) from, she has hundreds of pairs on the site and in her own wardrobe. She knows exactly how to wear them, put them on and look after them ( the lady has tights she has been wearing for 5 years, enjoy her expert tips on how to ensure stay ups ...stay up and catch Zoe Lem and Rebekah Roy on how to rock your winter boots with your tights ............ thigh highs and all .
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