The first manufacturer to recycle tights ?

North Carolina-based legwear manufacturer No nonsense, wants your used pantyhose, stockings and tights - any brand - for its recycling program.
Their website says that “used pantyhose can be turned into such things as park benches, playground equipment, carpets, ropes and even toys.”
So, if you’re in the US send your unwanted nylons and take the first steps toward a better planet.

Why recycle pantyhose?

While we love the way sheer hosiery looks on legs, we're not as thrilled to see them in landfills. At No nonsense®, we're happy to announce the first pantyhose recycling program. It's a step toward a greener planet, and it's one that you can help us take.

For pantyhose, there's now life after legs.

Yes, we know people have found some inventive purposes for used pantyhose.Gardeners use them to tie tomato plants to stakes. And of course, they make really scary Halloween masks. But now used pantyhose can be turned into such things as (and we're not kidding here) park benches, playground equipment, carpets, ropes and even toys. Who knew that pantyhose could be such a miracle product? As if transforming a pair of legs weren't enough!
How do you take this step with us?It's simple. First download a mailing label. Now go round up your pantyhose, nylon knee highs and tights and box them up. (Yes, we'll accept all brands.) Take your box to the nearest shipping location and send it on its way. We'll collect all the pantyhose in one of our North Carolina plants and send it all to a recycling facility. Then you can start looking for that new bench in your favorite park. 
You never know, right? 

We're working on programs involving retailers and large organizations. Stay tuned for news on how you can be an even bigger part of our recycling program. We hope all pantyhose will soon find a life beyond legs.

Feel Better?
Hmm, that drawer does look a little neater now, doesn't it? And you've taken a positive step by helping save natural resources. Now, feel free to make your legs look and feel better. You can order No nonsense® Made In U.S.A. sheer hosiery and tights at There. We feel better doing this, and we hope you do, too.


We look forward to receiving your shipment!

Packing Tips
A single box costs less than several small boxes.
A sturdy box prevents crushing.
No need to place hosiery within a plastic bag inside the box.
Shipping Options
USPS [] now offers Priority Flat Rate boxes and shipping. Check out their website for rates and options or call 1-800-ASK-USPS for help.
If using FedEx [] or UPS [] choose Ground Service and check that you're mailing to a business for lower rates. Visit their websites or call FedEx 1-800-463-3339 or UPS 1-800-742-5877 for help.

We appreciate your help with covering shipping expenses for your unwanted pantyhose and taking steps with us toward a better planet.