Toes: What’s The Difference?

Toes: What’s The Difference?

The toe of tights can be very important - it can certainly dictate what type of shoes you can wear with an outfit, however it can be confusing as different brands use different terms, so to keep things clear and consistent we use the following terms across the website:

Sheer Toe

Sheer toe means that the fabric will be the same thickness all the way over the leg, foot and toe. This is typical with most ultra sheer women's tights. Sheer toes are fantastic worn with strappy sandals as there’s no change whatsoever in fabric around the toe area, however, this does mean that the fabric will be more delicate, especially in extremely low deniers.

Sandal Toe

This describes hosiery with barely visible reinforcement. The fabric around the toe will be the same as the foot, but the weave will be slightly stronger on the toe – you should be able to see a very faint line on the toe where the weave changes. Tights with sandal toes are perfect worn with open-toe shoes. You can also choose to wear them with strappy sandals but the change in weave may be ever so slightly visible. 

Open Toes

How did we survive without open toes! These are summer essentials, open toe tights have an opening at the foot, leaving your toes completely exposed. They are ideal for wearing with peep-toe shoes if you still want the benefits of sheer tights ensuring your legs look better than bare. You can choose to go for a product with a toe loop (such as Pretty Polly Naturals) to secure them in place, or no loops at all (like Falke Shelina).

Reinforced Toe

This is where there is visible reinforcement across the toe for added durability. Both the weave and the denier are different from the rest of the leg.