Would you try this trend. Red tights ?

If Anna Friel, Katharine McPhee and Zoe Saldana are any indication, crimson tights are the new opaque black, Lovelies. But would you wiggle into a pair of reds?

Flashy tights and leggings have been in fashion since the eighties. But with the popular show Gossip Girl, which made its debut in 2007, tights and leggings have officially made a comeback. Consider the following ways to wear red tights.

Tips to Consider

Red tights are very bold and can make for a great fashion statement in the fall. When pairing up colors with red tights go for neutrals or soft colors. Pairing up bright colors with red can lead to a very clownish appearance. Instead pair soft grays, dark blacks, sand beiges, navy blues, or light whites. Red tights can be intimidating but have no fear because if you consider the following ways to stylishly don your tights you'll be looking chic in no time.

Ways to Wear Red Tights

For A Sexy Look

Make rouge nylons sexy by pairing them with black. Red stockings can be paired with a black dress or trench coat for a dramatic look. Wear black shoes to color block the look. If you don't have a black dress pair a cute black skirt with a fitted black top. A black pea coat, biker jacket, or sweater can also add pizzazz to the outfit. Remember the rouge nylons will be the star of the show here.

For A Polished Look

Blair Waldorf the ritzy character from Gossip Girl wore her red tights with navy blue shorts and it made for a very chic look. Navy blue shorts paired with a white button down top and a trendy headband can be a casual yet stylish look. A soft pale gray skirt and a white or navy blue top can also be worn with red tights. Blair's style is very inspired by the all American uniform. 

For a casual look in the fall, denim jean shorts or skirts go great with red tights. Wear a loose top or a gray hoodie to compliment the blue and red tones of the outfit. Since the look is casual wear flats such as
converse or slip on ballerina flats.

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