Secret light tights

From shows like Gossip Girl, to fashion magazines, colourful and bright (some florescent) tights are the look that can be seen on legs everywhere these days. Last year, Secret came out with a colourful collection of tights called light tights – which are a little lighter than the traditional thick opaque tights but still thick enough that they're not sheer or won't run easily.

This spring, Secret has expanded their Light Tights line with some of the trendiest colours for the season! Inspired by the flowers of spring, this collection features soft pinks, bright turquoises, violets and creams.

The shades of tights I tested out are called Blue Caracao, Pink Martini, Vodka Sling, and a pair of thigh highs called Crème de Cacao Mesh Dot Thigh Highs. Some were control top as well. Although I don't normally go for the control top because it can be quite uncomfortable, these control tops were the opposite. They landed around my belly button and never once did I feel like they were digging into my stomach.

You may be wondering how to wear these tights? I would say wear these tights with confidence! A black or white dress will go great depending on the colour you choose to cover your legs. Keep it simple because the bright tights are your statement. A bright colour on top, however, will look great with something like the paler Pink Martini tights.

Fortunately, Secret's line of tights won't break the bank! The Light Tights collection retails for under $10! I’ve paid $16 for a pair of colourful tights in the past, and they were not as comfortable as these, and they ran after one wear!

I also love Secret's "Foot Covers" for spring. They retail for between $4 - $6. The black padded lace pair is so cute with flats or heels, and helps prevent blisters and sweaty feet that often results from going barefoot in shoes. And when you take your shoes off people will be asking where you got those sexy lacy foot covers from.

Look for Secret Light Tights at major retailers across the country, or check out their website here.