Academichic experiments with peep toe shoes and tights

Experimenting with Tights and Peep-Toes, originally uploaded by academichic.
  • Tan Cardigan – Banana Republic
  • Grey Tee – Banana Republic
  • Scarf – Old Navy
  • Brown Cord Skirt – Old Navy
  • Grey Tights – BR Outlet
  • Brown Lace Tights – Gift from S.
  • Brown Ribbed Tights – Talbots
  • Pink Peep-Toes – Seychelles, via DSW
  • Brown Peep-Toe Wedges – Steve Madden, via DSW
  • Navy Peep-Toes – Off Broadway
I have loved wearing my favorite brown wedges with tights this winter.  They are my most comfortable and versatile heels and I wasn’t ready to give them up when the weather turned cold.  I have worn them many many many times with my brown and grey houndstooth textured tights.  I have also paired mynavy peep-toe heels with my grey sweater tights and was rather pleased with the results, so today I thought I would experiment a bit with different tight/peep-toe combinations.
Some things I learned along the way:
  • tights with toes that match the pattern of the rest of the tights work best
  • your bright toe nail polish will show through thinner tights
  • any combination is worth a shot
First for the navy peep-toes – I think these rather dressy navy shoes just don’t work with the rest of this outfit, so for me, it wasn’t a fair test.  I tried them with brown and grey tights and liked the way the shoes worked with both tights but not so much with the overall ensemble.
I tried these lightly ribbed brown tights with all three pairs of peep-toes and (aside from the Navy) I think these tights are the safest but also the most boring option.  They looked better with the pop of pink, but I still didn’t love the brown corduroy skirt on brown corduroy-like tights. I would wear either of these, but do to a bit of experimenting, I now know there are more fun options!
Pink with brown tights, originally uploaded by academichic.
Brown with brown tights, originally uploaded by academichic.
One such fun option…
I’ve had these lacey brown tights for a while now (thanks S.) but unfortunately they don’t get much wear, because I’m never quite sure how to use them.  I initially thought the brown lace tights with pink peep-toes would be a ridiculous combination, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I still think its a bit too busy for my tastes and don’t know that I would actually wear it, but I do wonder how it would look with a different skirt.
Pink with lace tights, originally uploaded by academichic.
Like with the ribbed brown tights, I felt the brown lace tights with the brown wedges made for just too much brown, but would again give this a try with another skirt or dress.
Brown with lace tights, originally uploaded by academichic.
My favorite combinations came from the grey tights.  I pulled these out mostly because I thought they would make the best pairing with the navy shoes, but loved the look with both the brown wedges and the pink pumps.  I like that the grey is a different color form the skirt, breaking up all that brown, and that it picks up on the grey tee and the dark grey in the scarf.
Brown with grey tights, originally uploaded by academichic.
The grey tights with brown wedges felt the most me (a mix of neutrals) but I went for the pink with grey because I love these shoes and don’t wear the nearly enough!
Which is your favorite?  A.
Pink with grey tights, originally uploaded by academichic.