Where to buy tights online- UK retailer UK Tights

Got my tights next day and I didn't place my order till after the 3pm deadline. 

I get the newsletter and they seem to have at least 4-5 new products on every week, plus a new special offer every week. 
The site is really really easy to use, and they take PayPal. 
I phoned them to ask for some advice and the lady who answered the phone was lovely and really helped me out. 
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General Comments tried most of the other hosiery sites out there and had problems with all of them from time to time, plus I had to wait a few days for my orders. UK Tights so far after many orders has not let me down.

I bought a pair of tights from UK tights and sent them back to get them exchanged, but they wouldn't let me, quoting some hygiene legislation stopped them from taking back tights that have been taken out of the package. After checking with various places,incl the department that was supposed to have made the legislation, a consumer organisation (who had never heard of it) and the office of fair trading (who gives consumers the right to view the product they buy)I sent the information to the company, but decided I didn't have the time to really fight them, so I asked them to send the original tights back. They never arrived and the company stopped answering my emails. I will never buy from this company again and would advise others to stay far away from them. From the beginning of my dealings with them (when I wanted to send back the tights) the tone of their emails was very unfriendly and the customer service basically non-existent. I am only giving them one star because it is not possible on this site not to give any.

Sadly I had hopes up of finally getting stockings to fit me. I ordered them from UKTights.com and over 3 weeks later I still do not have them. I called after the maximum time given for delivery only to be met with a message from an 0845 number (for which we get charged more / minute and they will get a cut from BT)saying they are too busy to take the call. I then emailed them and still no answer. Now over 3 weeks after I placed my order I called again to find they still can't take the call due to the volume of business and not to leave a message. Who knows if they are still even trading, however their website still took my money and their phone line is still live. I think this is a scam now so be warned and don't bet burned like I did.

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