Leggings after 40: Dos and Don'ts

Leggings are back this fall, but stop and think before you buy. Sure, there’s nothing more comfortable than slipping on a pair of super-soft, lightweight Lycra bottoms with an elastic waistband, but like all elements of style, some look (and fit) better than others. To help, here are three Dos and a Don't:

DO wear leggings with a short dress

Do you own a cute dress that's a tad too short? Add some leggings, and you’ve got a modern look that gives great coverage. Think of them as another version of opaque tights.

DO wear leggings with a long sweater

Chunky knit sweaters (and sweater coats) are everywhere this fall. Pair long over short by wearing a mid-thigh or longer sweater with dark leggings; wear the look with or without a belt.

DON’T wear leggings with a short tight top

It's all about balance: Something tight and skinny on the bottom requires something longer and looser up top. Unless you're going to the gym or channeling "Grease"-era Olivia Newton John.

DO wear leggings with the right shoes

Ballet flats, flat boots, high heeled booties and platform pumps look great. Steer clear of loafers or anything with too delicate a heel.

Keep in mind that just because leggings are in style, it doesn’t mean you must wear them. If wearing leggings makes you feel as though you are masquerading as a teenager, or if they make you body look like a stuffed sausage, then the most fashionable thing you can do this fall is just take a pass.

Oringina xo
Credit http://www.more.com