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Tell us about this outfit.
I saw this in my favorite vintage store last summer and just knew I had to get it. How often do you see such a sunny-colored suit? Not to mention the jacket is sick. I love both pieces together, though. I know the color is risky and maybe I look a little boxy, but I feel strangely elegant all the same. Besides, who wants to look typical? 

How would you describe your style ?
I think I have an ecletic style, but generally I would pin it down as vintage with modern twists. My style inspirations come from classic film stars, and I like to take ideas from what I see them wear and add my own personality and details to them.

Did the tights influence your outfit or viceversa ?
For me, hosiery always acts as the accessory that gives an outfit that extra "pop." Most of the time I choose my outfit first, and then think which tights will complete the idea or look I'm going for. Here, the outfit I chose was a solid color, so I wanted to add a pattern somewhere to make the look a little more textured and interesting. 

Where are the tights from and how much did you pay ?
I got these at Hot Topic when I was in high school. I can't remember the exact price, but they were probably between $10 and $15. 

Do you follow hosiery trends ?
I never used to pay much attention to hosiery, but recent trends and shows like Gossip Girl, where hosiery plays a big part in the fashion, caused me to pay more attention to it. I follow hosiery more carefully now as I find it's a great way to pop a look. 


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